Our Vision for our Agency

As an entrepreneurial agency, we bridge the gap to self-sufficiency by providing opportunities and resources, as we initiate and partner in shared community efforts to improve the quality of life.

Our Vision for Those We Serve

Empowered individuals who thrive as healthy, self-sufficient and contributing members of our communities.

Our Vision for our Community

Healthy communities with equal access to social justice, jobs, education and resources.

Diversity Statement

Fresno EOC is committed to a diverse workforce which is reflective of the communities we serve.

Transforming and Inspiring

At Fresno EOC, "Inspiring People and Transforming Lives" is more than just a catchy phrase. The words challenge us to pursue our goal of overcoming the barriers brought about by social disadvantage and poverty. They call us to meet the challenge of helping those we serve with empathy and remind us that we are not immune to the forces of crisis that impact the lives of individuals and families.

"Inspiring Leaders and Transforming Communities" compels us to consider social issues and barriers, rather than personalities. It eliminates the temptation to judge individuals in their state of immediate need, and instead focus on uncovering potential and worth. As a philosophy of living, "Transforming and Inspiring" penetrates beyond the workplace. These few words define a commitment to the betterment of our families, neighborhoods, and communities. They present opportunities for all of us.