Fresno EOC employee sworn in as member of Immigrant Affairs Committee

Posted on Jul 15, 2019

Fresno EOC employee, Evelyn Gonzalez, was sworn in today as a member of the Immigrant Affairs Committee. Gonzalez is a Case Manager for Central Valley Against Human Trafficking and will be advising Fresno City Council on issues affecting the immigrant community.

“This is an opportunity to do what I what I wanted to since I was little,” Gonzalez said. “At 11 years-old I was working in the fields and was speaking up against the foreman. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to help and bring light to things that were unfair.”

As an advocate for international victims of human trafficking, Gonzalez believes she can be a voice for a community often overlooked and faced with disadvantages. 

“I’m not an immigrant, but my parents are immigrants, my husband is an immigrant and that’s my community too,” Gonzalez said. 

Growing up Salvadoran, Gonzalez experienced first-hand the cultural conflicts among Americans, Salvadorans and Mexicans. She often felt unable to speak up, but now considers her position on the committee and role at Fresno EOC as opportunities to represent immigrants.

“When I started working with victims with Fresno EOC I realized my purpose,” Gonzalez said. “My purpose is to share my knowledge with the community. Many times people hold on to what they know and don’t share it with people who need it. I always tell our clients you are a person and you have rights too.”