Eagle Scout Project Partners with Local Agencies

Posted on Jul 21, 2017

Volunteers helping create raised bedsEarlier this month Fresno EOC had a unique opportunity to work with our community partners and volunteers to improve access to healthy foods in our community. After hearing about the gardening underway at Fresno EOC's Executive Plaza by his father, Noah Turner was moved by the idea of helping people grow their own food. He decided he would make it his Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest award in the scouting movement and must be achieved prior to a scout’s 18th birthday. Only about 4% of youth involved in scouting ever become Eagle Scouts.

With the help of Jensen Vang who heads up the Fresno EOC Food Systems Initiative, they devised a plan. They then teamed up with Fresno Metro Ministry who is in the process of converting vacant land donated by the Fresno Housing Authority behind Mariposa Meadows and Yosemite Village into an urban farm. The plan soon improved from a simple raised bed concept to an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant planter where wheelchair or walker-bound residents would have access.

Noah mobilized the necessary volunteers to design, build, and install two raised beds for the community. His volunteers also abated weeds, cleared trash, laid out plumbing for water and interacted with the community as they were curious of the activity in the long abandoned field. Although the total hours for the project have not been fully calculated yet, Noah mustered enough help and through his own efforts to put 250 hours of sweat equity into the community and to develop a new hope to a forgotten corner of Fresno. It was wonderful to see the dedication of our youth and be able to help them give back.

Filling the raised beds to get them ready for planting