Employment and Training push youth to pursue their career

Posted on Apr 22, 2019

Natalie Hernandez knew she wanted to be in the medical field, but didn’t want to be a nurse. She has a history with Phlebotomists in her life, most of them were at Valley Children’s Hospital where she received treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis. The hospital staff as well as Fresno EOC Employment and Training allowed Hernandez to make a career in Phlebotomy possible.

When she was 16 years old her rheumatoid arthritis worsened, forcing her to make biweekly visits to the hospital and spending the remainder of high school nearly bed ridden. Now 24 years old, Hernandez remembers the Phlebotomists who made her feel at home during treatment.

“I grew up around that type of work,” Hernandez said. “They weren’t mean, but they were truthful. They really got to know you and it was my favorite part about going to the hospital.”

In fall 2018, Hernandez was awarded a Phlebotomy scholarship through Fresno City and will soon be a certified Phlebotomist, with the help of Fresno EOC Employment and Training.

“I was a little frazzled when I got there because I had all the deadlines but they said ‘it’s going to be fine.’” Employment and Training assisted Hernandez throughout the application process and entrance to the program. With the scholarship, she was able to begin taking classes the following semester, despite previous years, when enrollment was based on a raffle.

“Employment & Training was a huge help; they put all the steps together,” Hernandez said. “I had all the ideas, but I didn’t know how to plan it out.”

Hernandez was also able to fill in any gaps on her resume, fine-tune her organization skills and get additional job training necessary for a career in Phlebotomy. Employment and Training got her connected to an internship with Fresno EOC Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP); there she got experience printing, filing, faxing, copying and gained other office skills.

“At Employment and Training when one person succeeds, they all celebrate,” Hernandez said. She successfully completed her clinical hours at Community Regional Medical Center on March 22 and submitted them to the state of California to complete her Phlebotomy certification.

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