Pediatric Interns, Creating Advocates for Our Kids

Posted on Jul 28, 2017

Valley Children's Hospital just welcomed their first class of their Pediatric Residency Program. In addition to the regular components of a residency program, they wanted to make sure these future pediatricians were exposed to the unique circumstances many of our families face and how they affect the lives of our children. The vision is to educate and empower the residents to be advocates for kids throughout their career. In order to achieve this vision Valley Children's Hospital reached out to us and a select group of agencies they felt could connect with our community.

After weeks of staff coordination, we have devised a rotation schedule that will expose the residents to our agency, programs and clients. The needs of our clients are numerous and the barriers they face, especially when it comes to healthcare, can be insurmountable. This is an amazing opportunity to educate future doctors the challenges the most vulnerable amongst us face and hopefully create advocates for positive change in our communities. Maybe we can ignite in a few the desire to form their careers in the Valley.