How You Can Help

Aside from the parent volunteers who participate in our program, we do accept volunteers from the community on a case by case basis.  We have had students, who need lab or community hours volunteer at our child development centers. Those who are interested in volunteering should call our Central Office at (559) 263-1550.

If you or your community agency/service is interested in donating items, please call to inquire if donations are being accepted. We do not request any donations from our enrollees.

Monetary donations of all different sizes are appreciated. Here is just a sample of what your donation can accomplish. You can donate directly to Early Head Start by clicking on the button below.

$25 will buy a box of diapers for use at the Jane Addams Child Development Center in Fresno

$100 will buy art supplies for one Socialization Classroom

$500 will purchase a Shaken Baby Simulation Doll to educate parents and caregivers about the effects of shaking a baby

$10,000 will provide a new climbing structure for an infant/toddler playground at our Mt. Carmel site.

$50,000 will provide shade covers for the infant/toddler playgrounds at the Child Development Center.