Educational Enrichment 

Provides positive, energetic and healthy interaction for youth ages 5-12, during school vacations/breaks. Tutoring, mentoring, recreation and hot meals are provided for all program participants.

Summer Youth Employment Readiness and Leadership Development 

6 week program focusing on activities related to leadership and job readiness. Youth, ages 16-20 participate and develop hard and soft employment skills, enhance active listening and communication skills and strengthen problem solving skills.

Community Liaison Mentoring and Safe Passages 

Through a partnership with Fresno Unified School District, the Community Liaison Mentoring and Safe Passages program escorts youth through unsafe areas while walking to and from surrounding school sites. Liaison mentors are also stationed on school campuses to provide additional mentoring services and diffusing conflicts. 

Training Institute

Using a Trainer of Trainers approach, the Training Institute provides regular trainings for the community in the areas of financial literacy, education, health/nutrition and advocacy/policy. The goal is to lessen the information gaps plaguing the Southwest Fresno community, and also equip residents with tools to address these issues as they appear in their lives. 

STOP (Strategies To Overcoming Poverty, Prison and Parole) The Violence

The STOP the Violence movement was formed through an alliance of former gang members, ministers and concerned community residents. Rally events help gather and unify residents with a plan to address the issues of violence in the Southwest Fresno Community. 

Community Resource Center

Brings families together by providing family strengthening training and opportunities to residents with young children living within a six block radius around the center of Southwest Fresno.

Community Volunteer

Focused on our commitment to involve the local community, residents are encouraged to volunteer for outreach and administrative roles.