School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL)

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, SOUL's campus will be closed. Please check the COVID-19 update page and SOUL Facebook page regularly for updates. In the meantime, please take every precaution to avoid getting sick or spreading the virus to others!

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Academic Program

School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) offers a classroom-based program and an independent study program. Both components of SOUL’s educational program are located at the Fresno EOC Sanctuary Youth Center at 2336 Calaveras Street. SOUL’s instructional staff consists of 10 fully credentialed, full-time teachers, who serve an average of 120 classroom-based students, and 120 Independent Study students per semester. Both the classroom-based and Independent Study programs offer the same rigorous academic, standards-based curriculum. 

SOUL is an excellent educational option for those  seeking a small school alternative to a large, traditional high school.