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Fresno EOC Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) received notification from the California Department of Public Health Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division that they are one of 19 counties throughout the state who was awarded with funding through June 2020. Fresno EOC has operated AFLP for the past 32 years as a subcontractor of Fresno County Department of Social Services whom, with great confidence, decided to pass the baton to Fresno EOC. Under the direction of Fresno EOC Sanctuary and Youth Services, AFLP will continue to provide comprehensive case management to pregnant and parenting teens throughout Fresno County.

AFLP program priorities include family planning, education and/or work, access to health care for the teen and their child and the development healthy relationships. Fresno County continues to be one of the top six counties in the state with the highest teen birth rate with almost 1300 teen giving birth in 2014.


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