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Advance Peace Fresno is teaming up with Moms Demand Action to bring awareness to gun violence and much-needed gun reduction strategies. Both groups came together to discuss the importance of additional funding for the California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) Grant Program. CalVIP provides funding for Advance Peace Fresno and other programs used to support, expand and replicate evidence-based violence reduction initiatives.

In accordance with these efforts, Moms Demand Action is using a “Fund CalVIP” banner (pictured above) to gain signatures and awareness across the state. In the last month, the banner has received hundreds of signatures from individuals and organizations that are committed to reducing gun violence in their respected cities.

“The key to success in our line of work is building relationships and moms have been huge supporters of Advance Peace Fresno’s aim to reduce gun violence in urban communities,” said Isaiah Green, Program Manager of Advance Peace Fresno said. “Groups like Moms Demand Action can touch a population of individuals we may not have immediate access to.”

In 2020 alone the U.S. saw more than 19,000 gun homicides, making it the highest it’s been in 20 years. With the rise of gun violence, partnerships and campaigns like this one, symbolize the urgent need to invest more into programs dedicated to gun reduction strategies and intervention.


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