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From Halloween baskets to baby essentials, our community and staff are coming together to make our pregnant and parenting youth in the Adolescent Family Life Program feel special. Even during the pandemic, our youth are able to get the assistance and support they need. The program supports youth throughout Fresno County by providing educational support, parenting skills, and comprehensive case management. 

One Good Samaritan, Jeannie Flores, assembled Halloween baskets and baby items to give youth in the program. The baskets were an easy way to connect with clients, especially since case managers are meeting with youth remotely, and the program can’t host the same in-person activities.  

Image is of Jeannie FloresHowever, for Flores, she felt it was the least she could do. The baskets had infant gloves, candy for youth, baby wipes, makeup kits, a pumpkin carving kit, stuffed animals, activities, COVID-19 information, and face masks for both the youth and child.

“I think anyone can help, and it doesn’t have to be a great huge way,” Flores said. “For the baskets, I was able to get donations from people who knew I was going to give back, and that’s how I’m able to help. I know the happier and healthier a mother can be; the happier and healthier a child can be.”  

Flores has put together goodies for youth on other holidays, and she enjoys supporting young parents. As someone who worked at a teen parent program herself and saw firsthand the work AFLP case managers do with teen parents, she’s more than happy to give back.  

Lacie Zapata is one of the AFLP clients, excited to get her Halloween basket and much-needed baby items during the pandemic. Her case manager offered support through her baby’s birth and as she continued going to school.  

“This is honestly the best program there could be; it is hard being a teen mom, going to school, and having a baby at the same time, but AFLP made it so much easier,” Lacie Zapata said. “I can graduate and still have all the needs met for my baby. Without any hesitation, I would recommend any teen mother to AFLP.” 

Zapata learned about AFLP through a friend who also received services. Since her child was born in March, many stores were out of baby supplies; however, Zapata’s case manager helped her get the essentials, diapers, and baby wipes. This was a great stress reliever for her, mostly since stores were out of baby items, and price gouging became more common. 

“My case manager was very open with me and outgoing,” Zapata said. “She was never judgmental, but instead, she just made me feel comfortable during our meetings. With all the help, I was able to overcome all my hardest obstacles and get through the rough patches while becoming a mom.” 

With stories like Zapata, it’s clear staff, and generous community members go above and beyond, supporting youth throughout challenges and successes. Making a positive impact on youth wouldn’t be possible without the partners, employees, and donors who keep contributing to its success.  

If you are interested in giving back to the AFLP program, click here. AFLP provides teen parents with baby items, activities, and support to help young families succeed. Your donation will help us fund scholarships and special events. New clients are also welcome; please call (559) 263-1090. Check here for eligibility. 



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