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August’s Foster Grandparent Program In-Service Training at the West Fresno Family Resource Center was particularly exciting. We had more than 50 Foster Grandparent volunteers and approximately 20 seniors from the West Fresno Family Resource Center attend the in-service and informational session regarding our Foster Grandparent Program.

Participants heard a presentation from Dr. Nicholette King Rabetsimba, pharmacist and professor. Dr. King Rabetsimba answered questions regarding hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other medical concerns our volunteers face. Then participants got their bodies moving as they exercised with Clussie Smith, volunteer for West Fresno Family Resource Center. Lastly, seniors then listened to a presentation from Dorothy Palenstine Garrison, Retired US Air Force Physical Therapist and National Veterans Golden Age Olympic Champion. Garrison has received more than 15 medals for events.

Foster Grandparent In-Service Trainings are held monthly for our volunteers. Trainings provide guidance and help to maximize the contribution volunteers can make to the children they serve and help them continue to care for themselves. To learn more about becoming a Foster Grandparent, click here.


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