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2020 Target Area
Candidate Statements

Target Area B

Target Area C

Target Area F

Target Area H

Target Area B Candidate Statements


Rey Leon

As a leader who is innovative, strong, advocate for farm works, & rural communities in the aspects of economic, education, health & environmental justice. I will continue to collaborate with follow commissioner to achieve.

Target Area C Candidate Statements


Daniel Parra (Incumbent)

I have lived in this district my whole life and understand the needs of the rural areas. I am currently a Councilman for the City of Fowler. I have been advocating for the Area for the last 20 plus years. 


Cindy Carender

My name is Cindy Carender. I would like to apply for the board member position representing target area “C.” I have lived in that area for most of my life, so I am familiar with the area and the community. I am currently working for Fresno County Probation and have been there for twenty years. I have also worked for Tulare County Probation for one year, and San Mateo County Probation for 10 years. I currently have a mental health case load. My employment has allowed me to work closely with schools, parents, extended family, therapists, alcohol and drug specialists, along with other agencies in the community. I have worked with both adult and juveniles, as well as their families. I would like to continue to work with the community in target area “C.”

I was the secretary for the Kingsburg Basketball Boosters for several years. I attend and I am involved in the Grace Community church, in Kingsburg. I was on the board of the “Light House Guild” from the Fresno Rescue Mission, in the past. During that time, we had fund raisers and were involved with the homeless, as well as with the men and their families at the Mission.

I would be honored to represent target area “C” and appreciate your time for considering my application.


Jewel Hurtado

As a mother to a child with disabilities and a student who has grown up in rural Fresno County, I know the struggles and challenges firsthand. Cities like Reedley, Selma, Kingsburg, and Orange Cove are filled with great potential. We are students, mothers, farmworkers and more, who are doing so much with so little. I want to be able to fill in the gaps in access to resources that will help us to thrive and grow. I am running to represent all of us. For far too long families in our rural communities have been left behind. As your commissioner, I will advocate for our families from a place of experience and understanding. I have a strong and proven record of speaking up for the most vulnerable among us and have always been the courage to stand on my convictions. We deserve resources to provide our communities with equal opportunities. Whether we are talking about challenges in healthcare, education, nutrition, mental health or environmental issues- I am committed to finding solutions.

I speak to these struggles because I know them and live them. It doesn’t take much to drive through our cities and see the desperate need for bold leadership. Leadership that does not serve a select few while leaving others behind. We cannot afford to live within a system of winners and losers any longer. We need investment in our poor communities and opportunities for our youth to succeed. I’m asking for your support and vote to make a difference, together.

Target Area f Candidate Statements


Alysia Bonner

As a commissioner I would take my role serious and be a strong voice and advocate for the members of our community. Making sure to stay knowledgeable and informed on the best practices to meet the needs of the low-income persons we serve. I will be fiscal responsible of the budget and resources to ensure all of the community Is assisted equally. I have always served my community in one way or another rather I was feeding the homeless a hot meal, distributing the community members monthly commodities, working with the churches during community outreach, and/or volunteering for neighborhood block parties/clean ups. I have worked at the department of Public Health for the past 21 years as a front line worker assisting the community with the registration of their birth/death records, children Immunization, and adult health screening & prevention.


America Hernandez

My name is America Hernandez and I am a resident of Target Area F. I have been a public advocate for immigrant, youth and the community for over 20 years. I have a deep commitment to my community. I currently serve on two City of Fresno Commissions: the City of Fresno Immigrant Affairs Commission and Fresno City Planning and Implementation Committee for District 3.  I am also on the Board for Californians for Justice (CFJ) and I am a Giving Member of the Central Valley Latino Giving Circle.

In my current role as a Social Services Coordinator, I connect unaccompanied immigrant youth and their families to resources, help them navigate challenges and provide deeper support to children with higher needs. I develop programming and collaborate with agencies that are able to facilitate workshops on mental health, education, financial literacy and other relevant topics. I am also a certified trainer by the Community Resiliency Initiative ( to conduct trauma-informed certification courses. My work with this population has been noted and I have been asked to speak about my work and expertise with unaccompanied immigrant youth by the California Senate Select Committee on Social Determinants of Children’s Well-Being and the California Department of Social Services Immigrant and Refugee Unit to determine how to best serve unaccompanied immigrant youth in California.

I have interacted with various EOC programs, including the youth shelters, the anti-trafficking unit and the rural food distributions. These programs are critical to the well-being of our community. If chosen, I believe that I can bring a lot of experience, passion and knowledge to this board.

Target Area h Candidate Statements


Linda Hayes

During my nine years as a Commissioner on Fresno Economic Opportunity Commission(EOC) Board, I have gained knowledge about my community, what it means to be self-sufficient, and why it was so important for people of color to have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 pass. We know that people of color, especially Black and Immigrant communities, are disproportionally impacted by unemployment, because healthcare is attached to unemployment, we still have an increase of health disparities among people of color.

The impact of poverty in our communities of color have numerous effects and a lot of the time this is directly the result of government policies. From redlining to employment discrimination, poverty has widened the wealth gap between white and people of color. Because of this, we have seen economic, social, educational, and health disparities disproportionally affect poor communities.

Somethings we may not see on the surface when dealing with poverty is the psychological effect of poverty, which we don’t talk about enough. Often, it is a very frustrating place to be in when you are constantly in survival mode. The psychological trauma of poverty is long term and we still see these effects in people even when they move out of poverty.

As a Commissioner, I, will continue to have conversation around racial justice as we move forward in our country of unrest. Often, we think, if we don’t talk about it, then it will go away. But as we learn, these don’t go away, they get worse. Conversations are needed for any progress. These conversations hurt, they can be ugly, but they are needed for us to even begin to reach racial justice in our communities that I represent.

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