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Continue breastfeeding if you are sick!
It’s that time of year again when people are sneezing, coughing and getting sick! Unfortunately, moms are not immune from catching a bug that may be going around. Many moms are concerned, and rightly so, that if they get sick they will get their baby sick.

Moms that are breastfeeding are especially concerned with this because of their close contact with their baby during feedings or fear their milk will make the baby sick.

Myth: I need to stop breastfeeding my baby so I don’t get him sick. Many breastfeeding moms think that if they are sick they need to stop breastfeeding so the baby doesn’t get sick.

Fact: Actually, a breastfeeding mom should continue breastfeeding even though she is sick. Once the mom is sick her body starts making antibodies to help her get well. Those antibodies go through her breastmilk, to the baby, and help the baby not get sick at all or not as sick.

Mom has already exposed her baby to her cold, cough, or flu, stopping breastfeeding can be the worst thing as the baby may lose weight, be sick for a longer period of time, and your milk supply may decrease.

If you need to take any medicine, please call your WIC office first. Some medicines might make your milk supply drop.


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