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Kathleen Shivaprasad is retiring as the Early Care & Education Director after over 20 years with Fresno EOC Head Start 0 to 5. Since 1994, she has made a lasting impact on the 0 to 5 children, families, and staff she has touched during her time with us. She will be missed for her strong leadership and dedication to early childhood education.


Rosa Pineda previously worked alongside Shivaprasad as Assistant Director and will be taking on the position of Early Care & Education Director. “We will miss her calm demeanor and her stories of EHS and HS that she has been a part of,” Pineda said. “Her knowledge of both programs is extensive and will be greatly missed. She has a sense of humor and a chuckle that is contagious. Most of all, she sees the good in all people and focuses on that to help them move forward in their job and their thinking.”

Shivaprasad has over 35 years of experience working with children and families and played an integral role in developing the Early Head Start program, which served children prenatally until age 3 years old. As the first Director of the program and as someone involved in the initial launch, she helped define the program’s comprehensive child development and family support services which are still used today.

“Your love for Early Head Start goes above and beyond,” said Stephanie Lambrecht, Child Development Coordinator. “As you depart on your next journey in life, you will always be remembered as the Early Head Start shining light, a light that brought direction, brightness, warmth, and hope for the future. You are and always will be the Early Head Start legacy.”

There is no question, Shivaprasad’s vision helped create a brighter future for children and families. With her leadership and drive, Fresno EOC Head Start 0 to 5 served thousands of families in the classroom and their homes. Click here to learn more about Fresno EOC Education programs.


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