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Congratulations to Olivia Valdez for winning Employee of the Month for December! Olivia came to us in September 2007 and became a full time Lead WNA to the Downtown office September 2015. She received her CLE certificate in October 2013.

Olivia is a great role model due to her high level of positivity, initiatives and efficiency. She is a competent and motivated worker. With her multiple roles as a WNA, CLE and Lead WNA, she works hard to handle multiple responsibilities, all the while adapting well to change. She goes above and beyond her work performance by offering breastfeeding support and doing counseling while running the clinic. The team appreciates the effort and time she puts into her job and commend her for her work eithic, positivity, and commitment to helping clients and staff members. Olivia is a highly efficient employee and embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Olivia!!!


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