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Congratulations to Pang Moua! Our Employee of the Month for February. Pang has been at Fresno EOC WIC since August 2001 and works at our Call Center in our Downtown office.

Pang is an exemplary team member who is always willing to help at a moment’s notice. She has outstanding customer service skills and is courteous, kind, and friendly with everyone. Her attention to detail and professionalism can be seen in all the work she does. Pang can always be trusted with knowing the answer or finding the answer to any question that someone needs. An active member of our Healthy Happy Committee, she displays high initiative in making Fresno EOC WIC a better place for our team. We appreciate the effort and time she puts into her job and commend her for her work eithic, positivity, and commitment to helping participants and team members. Pang is a highly efficient employee and embodies our Fresno EOC WIC vision, mission, and core values. Congratulations Pang!!!


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