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Dora Contreras, WNA, CLC, started working for the Fresno EOC WIC in 1998, she then received her CLE Certification in 2011. Dora has proven herself to be an asset to the WIC Agency and Kings Canyon site where she is currently located. She exemplifies the role of, “Employee of the Month,” by consistently coming to work on time, helping others and having a positive attitude in any and all situations. Dora also volunteers to go to Fresno Community Hospital to help new moms learn how to breastfeed. She states that her favorite part of working for WIC is helping new moms breastfeed and enjoys coming to work every day because of her coworkers. Dora helps create an inviting atmosphere at the Kings Canyon WIC site by being friendly and kind with everyone she meets.

She goes above and beyond her basic job duties by helping her fellow coworkers when needed, taking the initiative to clean breast pumps and volunteering when necessary to get daily tasks accomplished. Dora demonstrates daily the WIC vision, mission, and our core values simply by being herself.

Quotes from Fresno EOC WIC Staff:

“Dora is nice, friendly and humble”
“She likes helping people”
“She is always happy and helpful”
“Dora likes to teach breastfeeding”


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