Energy Services office is temporarily unable to assist people in-person for applications assistance, however our office may still assist you by phone. Additionally, we are still accepting applications by mail and email.

All weatherization and solar services have resumed. For more information contact (559) 263-1588.

FREE Solar for Your Home

Do you live in the Transform Fresno project area?
(parts of 93706)

View the Transform Fresno project area map.

The Transform Fresno Project provides up to a 6k Watts solar system for the home. The solar system and installation are 100% free. Homeowners will own the system free and clear. A limited amount of systems are available.

Solar Eligibility Requirements

  • Home must be located within the Transform Fresno project area
    (parts of 93706 – click here to see map of area)
  • Home must be owner-occupied and up-to-date on property taxes.
  • Home must qualify for weatherization* or have been weatherized within the last two years.
  • Household must have an income of 60% or less of the California Median Income.
  • Home must have a good composition roof (at least 10-15 years of life left).
  • Roof must be unshaded and facing in the right direction (typically south or southwest or west).
  • Electrical panel needs to be able to handle the Solar PV.
  • All attachments, improvements, and additions to the home must be legally permitted.

*Weatherization includes the installation of energy conservation measures and provides energy education to help make your home safer and more comfortable.

Weatherization Measures Could Include:

  • Weather-stripping doors and caulking windows
  • Testing, repairing, or replacement** of refrigerators, water heaters, heating and/or cooling systems, and cooking appliance
  • Installing ceiling fans and/or insulation
  • Installing low-flow shower heads
  • Replacing interior and exterior lights
  • Smart or programmable thermostats

These changes help to increase the comfort of your home while saving you money. Without weatherization, homes waste energy, making heating/cooling units work harder to keep your home at a constant temperature, resulting in increased utility costs.

** Measures eligibility will vary on conditions of the home.

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