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Fresno EOC is taking on a whole new vibe on the first Thursday of each month! It is one of ArtHop’s newest venues in the downtown area, offering a beautifully landscaped outdoor plaza, where the public is invited to enjoy the work of local artists.

The agency held its third ArtHop event on September 2. Hanford resident, Travis Brooks, was the featured musician. The acoustic guitar player blended jazz and blues with folk and rock, covering multiple genres and eras to create a unique listening experience! He also played original music, including his new single “Me and You” just released last month.

Featured artists were Fresno artists Felicia Yturaldi Dueñas – and Cynthia Aideé Velàzquez.

Dueñas brought a collection of paintings on canvas, as well as mixed media art which she described as magazine collages. She says she enjoys creating art with “symbolism and nonsensical tributes” and also likes to paint things she finds interesting. For example, she created a pair of brightly colored paintings she calls “Femme Fatales.” They include a praying mantis and a spider, both of which are said to eat their mates.

Velàzquez says her art is mostly characterized by elements that convey wonder and beauty as well as inspiring nostalgia. She said the paintings she brought to the event tell stories about our human experience using metaphorical elements. They included a pair of paintings featuring a female and a male, with symbols of pain and hope, shortly after the breakup of their relationship.

While taking in all the music and art – you can also get a taste of some of the best food trucks in town. A few local food trucks set up just outside the plaza offering everything from Mexican food to hot wings! Thank you to Full Circle Brewing for providing beverages, as well!

You are invited to stop by Fresno EOC’s plaza for the next ArtHop on Thursday, October 7.


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