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Congratulations to Sandra Peregrina for being our Employee of the Month for February! Sandra joined our team in February 2017 and works at our Downtown office. She received her CLE certificate in November 2016.

Some amazing things Sandra has done:

Multi-task between counseling, issuing breast pump, cleaning breast pumps, and offering assistance to staff simultaneously throughout the day.
Conducts Team Building Activity at site meetings and participates in GLOW meetings to help with caseload.
A team player! Worked with PC in decorating the clinic for BF Month and organized monthly Breastfeeding Bulletin Board. She also helps other staff complete their call list and timesheets.
Conducted inventory, organizing pamphlet room and assist with place state order without being told.
Volunteered for the Farmers Market, holidays and Saturday clinics, and other events.
Takes initiatives: In charge of site’s Communication Binder. Keep the team updated by routing memos and filing it for future reference. Also in charge of the “Talk, Read, & Sing” project, collecting surveys and making sure pamphlets are available for her team.
Sandra is a great role model and her high level of involvement in our different initiatives stands out like a sore thumb. Her past WIC experience with another WIC agency is an asset. She is a hard and motivated worker. With her dual roles as a WNA and CLEC, she goes above and beyond her work performance. Due to her vast knowledge of the WIC Program and high work ethics, she is able to assists supervisor with file purging, inventory, placing state order, teambuilding activities, and different projects throughout the year. The team appreciates the effort and time she puts into her job and commends her for her hard work, positivity, and commitment to helping clients and staff members. Sandra is a highly efficient employee and embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Sandra!!


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