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Food distributions are a critical service made even more vital in the global pandemic. Fresno EOC Food Services collaborates with Central California Food Bank to provide groceries for families throughout Fresno County all year long.

Photo of cars lined up for the food distribution

Photo courtesy of Vida en el Valle

Fresno EOC Food Distributions Program Manager, Gabby Romero, has been with the program for 13 years and she was there when it launched on the Westside due to the drought. She says rural communities are the hardest hit. “It is especially tough in the winter when farm work is slow.” Romero adds, there are a lot of first-timers these days with children missing school meals because they are learning remotely due to the coronavirus.

Fresno EOC hosts food distribution events in Cantua Creek, Fresno, Mendota, Parlier, Orange Cove, and Sanger every month. In Parlier, they hold events twice a month. Families who go, will often see long lines. The number of families served, paints a picture.

Fresno EOC Food Distributions

  • 2019, 91 food distributions conducted, and 13,507 families served
  • 2020, 77 food distributions conducted, and 21,021 families served
    • Pre-pandemic, 22 food distributions conducted, and 3,668 families served
    • During the pandemic, 55 food distributions conducted, and 17,353 families served
  • 2021, 83 food distributions conducted, and 14,294 families served

Learn more about how Fresno EOC and other agencies help local families keep food on their tables in an article and video featured in the Fresno Bee’s Vida en el Valle.

About Fresno EOC Food Services

Fresno EOC Food Services Program provides healthy and nutritious meals to pre-school and school-age children, youth and young adults, and seniors. The program also offers catering services. We have an excellent team, which includes a registered dietician and a chef.

In addition, we have a food distribution program that provides food to families in rural communities and inner city areas impacted by weather issues and economic downturn. Anyone can get a free meal at distribution sites. No ID is required.


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