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Fresno EOC program helps Fresno residents lower their energy bills

The scorching hot temperatures in the Central Valley have many of us uncomfortable and in some cases, unsafe! Fresno has seen long stretches of triple digit temperatures this summer. It can put people at risk for heat-related illness and pose problems for those with health conditions. This heat has us cranking up the air conditioner, and it could send utility bills skyrocketing!

While fall is just around the corner and temperatures will ease up, it’s not too late to take advantage of the Fresno EOC Free Home Solar program, offering free solar panels to qualifying homeowners. The solar panel system and installation are 100% free.

Fresno homeowner, Dale Armstrong, saved on his last bill thanks to the program. Dale said, “PG&E bills were kinda high without the solar panels. They were running around about $250-280 somewhere around there. Give or take a little. And right now we have a zero balance on our PG&E bill.”

Fresno EOC Energy Services and Local Conservation Corps are teaming up to provide the solar panels as part of the Transform Fresno Project: Fresno EOC Partnerships for Energy Savings and GHG Reduction in SW Fresno.

Transform Fresno is funded by a state grant and managed by the City of Fresno. It’s designed to identify and invest in projects which will improve the environment and economy in Downtown, Chinatown, and Southwest Fresno.

“With this grant, Fresno EOC is able to help those families who couldn’t otherwise afford to do this home upgrade on their own,” said Monica Goatz, Operations Supervisor for Fresno EOC Energy Services. “We hope this small service can help greatly increase the comfort in knowing this is one bill you won’t have to stress about and all that had to be done was just a little bit of paperwork. Simply put, a person would need to complete an application, have a home inspection by our qualified inspectors, and then our licensed contractors will begin working on the house. In all, the process could take up to a couple of months but with decades of savings it will be worth it in the end.”

To qualify for free solar panels, the home must be located within the Transform Fresno project area (parts of 93706) – click here to see map of area. Note: It is not the entire zip code area for 93706 only homes in the zone on map link.

Homeowners will own the system free and clear. Click here to find out whether you qualify or to apply. Information is available in English and Spanish.

Fresno EOC Energy Services will also try to provide free minor home repairs for qualified households. Minor home repair services are available for renters and homeowners. Fuel or electric bill assistance is also available through Fresno EOC Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Learn more about LIHEAP here.


Fresno EOC Free Home Solar

Fresno EOC Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Transform Fresno

Transform Fresno Plan


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