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Fresno EOC will partner with CVS Health on its new Health Zones initiative in Fresno. The initiative aims to build healthier communities across America by supporting local partners to address six key social determinants of health: housing, education, access to food, labor, transportation, and health care access.The Health Zones initiative is now underway in Fresno and four other markets, including Atlanta, Columbus, Hartford, and Phoenix. Each Health Zone is targeted to a specific ZIP code, as research has shown that one’s ZIP code can oftentimes have a greater impact on health than one’s genetic code. In Fresno, that ZIP code is 93721.

As part of the initiative, CVS awarded Fresno EOC a $75,000 grant to be split across three programs. Sanctuary and Support Services will get $30,000 for critical facility improvements to the emergency shelter and bridge housing. The Food Services program will receive $25,000 for food distributions to alleviate hunger for Fresno County families, and the Training & Employment program will get $20,000 to recruit and enroll 4 youth in an internship to increase their job readiness skills and complete paid work experience.

Click here to read more about Fresno EOC’s role in the Health Zones initiative in Vida en el Valle.

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