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The Foster Grandparent Program, has received a generous grant of $396,000 from AmeriCorps. This funding will let the program add 40 new grandparents, increasing the number of volunteers from nearly 50 to around 90.

The program connects senior volunteers with underserved infants, children, and teens throughout Fresno County. These volunteers provide one-on-one mentoring and emotional support, helping with reading, schoolwork, and personal development.

The program has been a key part of the community, improving young lives by giving them the care and attention they need to thrive. Foster grandparents guide, read stories, help with homework, and spend time with the children, offering stability and affection that many may lack.

The new grant will not only increase the number of volunteers but also improve the program’s training and resources. This ensures that both the grandparents and the children they mentor can benefit as much as possible from their time together.

With the addition of 40 volunteers, the Foster Grandparent Program will reach more young people in the community, strengthening bonds between generations. This grant marks a new chapter of growth and opportunity, promising a brighter future for many children and seniors alike.

Anyone looking to become a Foster Grandparent or is interested in donating to the program, click here.


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