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Covid-19 cases are on the rise again and Fresno EOC Health Services is taking steps to ensure community members are tested to help stop the spread of the virus. Right now, Health Services is providing drive-up testing services for community members. Program Manager, Ana Hernandez says positivity rates are through the roof. “Yesterday (January 18), we had 107 people come for testing, and 43 tested positive. So, the positivity rates are extremely high, especially right now in January. We understand that’s due to the holidays.”

According to the Fresno County Health Department, 1,963 new cases were reported across Fresno County in a 24-hour time period on January 18. The spike in case numbers has local hospitals struggling to provide care. Between January 12-17, Community Medical Centers (CMC) had 737 employees and 372 hospital patients with COVID-19. CMC says 69% of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 were not vaccinated.

Fresno EOC Health Services wants to help people avoid a possible hospital visit. Most of its COVID-19 testing is done outside its health center on Calaveras Street in downtown Fresno. Ana says, “We’ve been able to use our parking lot as a drive- up station where people park and they call the number posted at the parking stall. Clients register over the phone and one of our team members goes out to their car and collects a swab. We run the test and within 15-20 minutes, the results are given to them. It’s another way to help prevent the spread of COVID. We are able to contain it to one specific location, which is their car.” If someone tests positive, they are able to speak with a clinician and they are provided with information from the Centers for Disease Control on the next steps they should take.

Fresno EOC Health Services began its COVID-19 vaccines and testing services at the end of 2020. Testing services are expected to run through mid-2022 or as long as testing supplies are available. Ana says, “If there is a need, we hope to continue the service. I mean, who would have predicted that two years after the pandemic broke out we would still be in this predicament? So, if there is still a need and we see that case numbers are still going up, I’m sure it could be extended.” Ana reminds people to stay diligent with safety precautions and to get tested if you think you have been exposed to the virus.


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About Fresno EOC Health Services

Fresno EOC Health Services offers a wide variety of programs. They include:

Community Health Center Clinic—a primary care and comprehensive family planning clinic on R Street in downtown Fresno

Oral Health Education Program—provides individuals with the opportunity to learn health information, develop skills needed to make better health decisions, and lead healthy lifestyles. The program educates children and families about proper dental hygiene, nutrition, and the importance of seeing a dental provider regularly

Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)—provides comprehensive case management services to pregnant and parenting teens and their children
California Personal Responsibility Education Program (CAPREP) – provides free classes to inform and prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce high rates of sexually transmitted infections, and improve individuals’ sexual health and well being

Tobacco Education Program—offers presentations and resources to the community about the risk of tobacco-related diseases as well as smoke-free policies

School-Based Sealant Program—provides preventive oral health services, such as oral health education, dental sealants, and fluoride varnishes for elementary school-age children

Home Visitation Program (HVS)—serves Medi-Cal-eligible families in Fresno County with children aged 0 to 5. We offer comprehensive family services, developmental assessments for children, and community-based referrals to resources that address the child’s and family’s overall needs. Our goal is to improve children’s development as well as the family’s overall well-being. Call (559) 715-8481 for additional information.


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