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Imagine a place where you are heard, feel safe, and are accepted for who you are. That’s the goal of the Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center. This is where individuals and families can go for a number of services, resources, workshops, and fun! One of the Center’s many offerings is its Trans Medical Needs Fund which was created to give direct financial assistance to the Transgender Community in Fresno. Organizers are ready to launch a campaign to feed that fund through a national giving event in June called Give OUT Day.Noè Rasheed is a client and volunteer at the LGBTQ+ Resource Center who identifies as a transgender male. Whether attending functions like peer support groups or even game night, he sees the Center as a safe space. “Being a trans male and being black; it’s a difficult journey. But having a space that’s inclusive and being seen for who I am when I walk in makes all the difference in the world.”Noè was able to acquire gender-affirming products through the Center’s Trans Medical Needs Fund. “Coming from a poverty background and then struggling to get housing, it’s been difficult to purchase things like binders and prosthetics. So, coming to the Center, knowing there is a fund being used for that purpose and that people are advocating for me, it’s much appreciated.”
Jess Fitzpatrick, Community Outreach Educator for the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, explains the idea behind the fund. “One of the huge barriers for folks who are gender non-conforming or transgender is the financial cost in getting medical care and products to support an individual’s gender identity. So, with this fund, we pay for gender-affirming products like chest binders, body modification clothing, and prosthetics. One of the big asks is for electrolysis. And we also pay for doctor visit co-pays, travel costs, and recovery time. We provide up to $500 to help pay those bills.”All Give OUT Day donations go directly to the Transgender Medical Needs Fund. Jess says it is a month-long online fundraising campaign and competition beginning June 1 and with a big finish at the end of the month. “On June 30, you’ll see all these different organizations from across the country not only raising funds for their programming but also competing to place on the leaderboard for additional cash prizes.”This year, the LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s goal is to raise $10,000. And Jess says if you can’t donate cash, there’s still an opportunity for you to help. “You can actually create your own mini-campaign online. And then, reach out to your networks and raise funds that can automatically be funneled to our campaign.” Programs that get the most donations can win up to $10,000!As a person benefiting from the Fund, Noè says, the effort truly makes him feel supported and valued. “We face a lot of challenges as trans folks, and I feel having this fund gives us an opportunity to embody more of who we are as individuals. Being seen not only in public but also in the safe spaces. As we are meant to be, as we know ourselves.”Click here to hear from Noè Rasheed on Give OUT Day.Click here and donate to the Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center Give OUT Day campaign, throughout the month!

The Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center is hosting and participating in several Pride Month events.

About Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource CenterThe LGBTQ+ Resource Center became a program of Fresno EOC in 2019. The Center provides support services to enhance the health and well-being of individuals of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community. Serving all individuals in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, HIV, and questioning community members in the Fresno County area.The Center provides medical resources, low-cost or no-cost mental health services, substance use disorder assistance, case management, housing assistance, peer support groups, name and gender change assistance, adult and youth groups, a clothing closet, and more. Check out our request for service form for a complete list of the services provided by the LGBTQ+ Resource Center.There are also Zoom meetings for those who don’t have transportation. Plus, there is a drop- in center where people can hang out during office hours.The Center hosts free events for the community on a monthly basis, including ArtHop on the first Thursday of the month, as well as game night.


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