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Homeless people in our community are often unemployed and lack access to training and career opportunities. Thankfully, two Fresno EOC programs, Sanctuary Support Services and Local Conservation Corps are partnering to provide Fresno’s homeless paid job training through funding from the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP). With this program, homeless people can learn valuable soft skills while learning basic landscaping.

Sanctuary and Support Services identifies eligible homeless individuals, and Local Conservation Corps provides paid job training. After completion, the hope is that individuals will find work using the training they received.

“It’s great that we can provide paid job training for the homeless in Fresno,” Shawn Riggins, Local Conservation Corps Director, said. “I see many young people who are homeless and don’t have the training they need to get to the next level. By working with our agency, they can learn basic landscaping skills and take what they’ve learned to their next job.”

The Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) is a grant program established to provide direct assistance to California’s homeless population to address the its homelessness crisis. Fresno EOC received funding for this project and kicked off in October 2020.

“As an agency, we are already offering services to our homeless and vocational programs for young adults, but this allows us to offer true wrap-around services for these individuals who need help, especially during a pandemic,” Riggins said.


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