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Back when the 2014-2015 school year began, Fresno EOC SOUL Charter School entered in a partnership with Central California Legal Services (CCLS) to create the Street Law Class. The program helps students understand the legal system, how it operates and hopes to inspire students to consider careers in the legal profession. The Street Law program uses a combination of readings, instruction by current practicing attorneys, informal discussions, and engaging activities to help students understand how law affects their everyday lives. During the 2015/2016 school year, the Street Law class engaged in projects that taught students how to advocate for positive change in the community.

While thinking of a project the students realized the intersection of their charter school, Calaveras and N St, didn’t have a four-way stop sign. With their high school and a daycare center around the corner, they realized this intersection was dangerous and needed to be changed. So the Street Law Students took on this project and researched how to present a proposal before Fresno City Council. After weeks of research and preparation, the Street Law Students presented their four way stop sign proposal to Fresno City Council on Thursday, May 19th. And they experienced a huge victory! Thanks to the efforts of SOUL’s Street Law students, the City Council agreed to install a four-way stop to ensure the safety of Fresno EOC SOUL students walking to and from school. These students came together to better their community and applied their knowledge to solve a problem. Fresno EOC SOUL charter school truly is inspiring lives!


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