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Friday was a special day for Fresno EOC Street Saints! The Fresno EOC Street Saints Training Institute was launched, which will focus on in-depth training in the areas of Education, Family, and Community for residents in Southwest Fresno. Gang activity and violence has affected families in Southwest Fresno for years. Through this venture, more awareness will be shed on the disparities plaguing the Southwest Fresno community, but also trainees will now be equipped with tools to address the problems. Overall, more community relationships will be established and it will ultimately lead to the transformation of Southwest Fresno into a safer and healthier community. Fresno EOC Street Saints has recruited 15 members from the Southwest Fresno community to be Liaison Mentors and will participate in weekly trainings for most of this year. Once they have completed training, they will begin to work with others who live and work around them and teach the information and knowledge they have gained, and the process repeats.

Brian King, Executive Director of Fresno EOC Street Saints, shared with the group of new trainees how he overcame drug addiction and left behind his gang past. He passionately spoke how residents living in Southwest Fresno are the true heroes and the purpose of this Training Institute is to have “ordinary people do extraordinary things.” “If your capes are at the dry cleaners, it’s time to go get them,” Brian King said to the crowd.

Mr. King described how this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for a CEO who was a true hero and a true advocate. He then introduced Brian Angus, Fresno EOC’s CEO, who explained when he first came to Fresno 5 years ago, his first question was “how are we going to solve the violence?” Mr. Angus said he realized “in order to rebuild the community, you have to rebuild relationships which will then rebuild neighborhoods which will lead to a brand new, strong community.”

This special meeting acknowledge the fact this was going to be hard work. However these trainees, Fresno EOC Street Saints, and Fresno EOC understand that restoring Southwest Fresno to a safe and healthy community is critical to help influence the next generation. Thank you to Brian King and your team for all your hard work!

Fresno EOC Street Saints Training Institute

Brian King of Fresno EOC Street Saints and the training institute

Fresno EOC CEO Brian Angus attends Fresno EOC Street Saints Training Institute

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