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COVID-19 has affected the world in many ways. However, in the Central Valley, a group of parents and their children felt the need to give back. Together they created Four12Kids, a grassroots effort led by kids. For their first project, the group donated over $1,000 to Fresno EOC Street Saints.

“We all came together and wanted to show that kids can do big things in little ways in our community,” said Hailey, Director of Bracelets and Technology, for Four12Kids.

While looking for an organization to give back to the group discovered Street Saints and were inspired by aspects of the program, such as gang prevention and intervention, youth programs, and community development.

“I’d like to thank Four12kids for their generous donation and all their hard work,” said Nicole Hutchings, Fresno EOC Street Saints, Out of School Time Coordinator. “Giving back to the community at such a young age is amazing! I hope we are able to work together in the future.”

The group raised money through donations and selling accessories such as bracelets, keychains, and stickers. All of the items are made by kids and feature messages such as “hope,” “faith,” “courage,” and the like. Their work is inspired by the Bible Verse Timothy 4:12.

“We loved making the bracelets and loved getting to know each other and hanging out and also know it’s going to a really good cause was great,” said Jane, Co-Director of Bracelets for Four12Kids.

Four12Kids also made flyers and shared information about Streets Saints to encourage donations. The team discussed in a Facebook Live broadcast what inspired them, as well as the process of making the accessories.

“I want to applaud them for their efforts. It’s great they considered others, and we appreciate it,” said Fresno EOC Street Saints Director, Brian King.

Four12Kids are still not done with their mission and continue to support nonprofits throughout the Central Valley during COVID-19. This donation was their first project, and they hope to give back to one nonprofit every month. Learn more about Four12Kids


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