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Fresno EOC Employment and Training Interns have been reaching out to their local communities and reminding friends, family members, and neighbors to fill out their census. Interns have been distributing census flyers, posters, promotional items, writing articles, making outreach calls, and educating their communities while remaining mindful of social distancing and guidance from local health officials. 

Photo is of Nancy Serrano

Nancy Serrano, Parlier Intern

“It has been a great experience working with Fresno EOC to promote the census. I enjoyed informing my community about the census, especially since most people in my community are hard-to-count. I learned a lot about community engagement and the importance of communication throughout my time in this internship. Communicating with others has been a challenge due to current circumstances, but I learned to overcome them. Overall, this internship was a great learning experience!” – Nancy Serrano, Parlier Intern 

Photo is of Annabelle Rivas

Annabelle Rivas, Reedley Intern

“My experience with Fresno EOC was my very first summer internship. I worked to help promote the 2020 Census to my local city, Reedley. Before starting my work, I had no idea how much the census impacted our community and state. As an 18-year-old preparing for adult life, I learned the importance of civic engagement. I enjoyed being able to help spread the word to my local community, to ensure that the future of California is in good hands!” – Annabelle Rivas, Reedley Intern

Photo is of Willam Orellana

William Orellana, Orange Cove Intern

“Working with Fresno EOC has been a very empowering and insightful experience. I had the privilege of working with my local community to promote the importance of the census. Many people don’t realize how important this survey is because it allocates thousands of dollars towards your town or city and allows communities to continue to prosper for years to come. I’m grateful that I still got to reach out to members of my community despite the unfortunate circumstances going on in the world and hope that more people get involved with their community to show them the importance of the census!” – William Orellana, Orange Cove Intern  

With Fresno County’s response rate at only about 67%, Fresno County needs your help. Complete your census form online at, by phone at 844-330-2020, or by mail. It takes about 10 minutes and asks a few questions about you and those living with you on April 1, 2020. Your answers are not shared with any law enforcement agencies, including ICE, nor will it prevent you from receiving government benefits. 


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