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A community activist, poverty fighter, and friend to all, Reverend Paul McCoy leaves a shining light for all to follow in our community. A peaceful community advocate Reverend Paul McCoy, passed away on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Reverend McCoy touched the lives of everyone he encountered. He led with a servant’s heart, organized, volunteered, and impacted many community members. He was a father, son, pastor, and friend who offered patience and kindness to everyone around him. 

A lifetime resident of Fresno, Reverend McCoy graduated from Edison High School and Attended Fresno State, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Public Administration. He was the Founder and Senior Pastor of the New Light for New Life Church of God in Fresno, where he served for three decades until he passed. While serving on Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) Board of Commissioners, Reverend McCoy concurrently served on the Advisory Board for Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps for 15 years. His son, Barigye McCoy, is a current Fresno EOC board member, continuing the family legacy of fighting for social justice in our underserved community. 

Linda Hayes, Fresno EOC Board Chair, remembers Reverend McCoy:

“Reverend McCoy served on Fresno EOC’s Board for 22 years as a representative from the Fresno NAACP chapter. He also served as the Board Chair. Believing deeply in the agency’s mission, Reverend McCoy brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in advocacy, organizing civil rights and social justice initiatives, which is why he was instrumental in bringing Congressman John Lewis to visit Fresno in 2015. In addition, Reverend McCoy spent numerous hours collaborating with staff to ensure programs and funding were in line with helping those in poverty, working to end racial inequities, and fighting for social justice. It was a joy to serve alongside him for so many years.”

photo of pastor mccoy, john lewis, ashley swearingin, and jim costa

Fresno EOC Staff, remembers Reverend McCoy:

Emilia Reyes Fresno EOC Chief Executive Officer

“We are grateful for Reverend McCoy’s outstanding advocacy in social justice and paving the way for others to rise up and become leaders in our community. His leadership and efforts have created pathways for people like me to serve as a CEO.  His legacy is far reaching and has left an ever-lasting impact on Fresno EOC. He will be greatly missed by the Fresno EOC family and his community.”

Michelle L. Tutunjian, Fresno EOC Chief Operating Officer

“Reverend McCoy was a compassionate leader with a giving heart and great sense of humor. He deeply cared about the community and advocated to improve the living conditions for the underserved. He was a good listener and thoughtful communicator, serving with integrity. He was respected, admired, and leaves a lasting legacy in our community.”

Shawn Riggins, Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps Director

“Paul McCoy was a fierce defender of young adults in Fresno County. He was committed to ensuring Fresno EOC provided resources to help prepare young adults for the future while fighting for equity and inclusion for staff members.” 

A spokesperson for social justice, anti-violence, and peaceful solutions for West Fresno and an advocate for teaching youth peaceful solutions, he will be missed deeply by all who knew him.

McCoy-Paul-services-announcementFuneral services will be held for Reverend Paul McCoy on December 10, 2022, 11:00 am, at New Light for Life Church of God. Located at 1106 W. Woodward Ave., Fresno, CA 93706

You can also view the live services through the Zoom link below.

Time: Dec 10, 2022 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 891 0312 2982

Passcode: McCoy


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