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Congratulations to Malia Xiong, our Employee of the Month for January! Malia is a WNA at our Kings Canyon office and has been a part of Fresno EOC WIC for over 21 years.

Malia can be best described as: hard worker, flexible, team player and respectful. Her upbeat, helpful nature is key in fostering a positive and fun environment at Kings Canyon. The definition of hard work and outstanding customer service, Malia consistently: makes participants and staff feel comfortable and welcomed; goes above and beyond in making sure that all their needs have been met; offers suggestions and is always willing to help.

Malia exemplifies flexibility and teamwork in all her daily interactions by switching with staff when needed, covering the front desk, adjusting lunch or staying late to see participants.

Malia also volunteers for events such as the Breastfeeding Walk and the Asian Resource Fair. She also speaks a variety of languages, which is essential to helping participants in Kings Canyon.

Malia Xiong is an outstanding individual and a team player, who embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Malia!!!


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