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Fresno EOC Transit Systems School Bus Instructor and Driver Cindy Weber is retiring after over ten years with the program. During her time at Fresno EOC, she has helped trainees unlock their potential through behind-the-wheel and classroom instruction. Her experience and charismatic teaching style will be missed by many in the program.

“I like making the time in the classroom upbeat and exciting,” Weber said. “After participants go through training with us, it always feels good when we find out they passed their test or got a job as a driver.”

Weber has been a State Certified Trainer since 1987 and accident-free since she received her first school bus certificate in 1985. “Cindy is very knowledgeable and fun to work with,” said Tom Blackmore, Transit Supervisor. “We are sad to see her go, but we are thankful for what she’s brought to the program.”

Some of Weber’s favorite memories teaching include playing games like Jeopardy and baseball to make time in the classroom fun for trainees. She also walks participants through real-life scenarios and prepares them for emergencies while behind the wheel. Considering most drivers will have to assist wheelchair users and clients with special needs, safety is of utmost importance for Transit staff.

“I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve had to grow in the industry,” Weber said. “While at Fresno EOC, I was able to attend leadership training in the field, and I’ve appreciated the positivity of everyone in the office. I will miss the smiles and waves from the staff and clients.”

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an Entry Level Bus Driver, please call (559) 486-6587 for more information. Transit Systems is recruiting for an upcoming 6-week course that includes classroom and behind-the-wheel training




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