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As the temperatures drop, we are pulling out our sweaters and turning up the heat in our homes. It’s also an excellent time to think about ways to keep your energy costs low while keeping your home safe and comfortable. Home weatherization measures can help.Fresno EOC Energy Services hosted Weatherization Day on October 27, 2022. The community event was designed to let Fresno County residents know about free home improvement services for income-eligible households in order to help them manage the energy efficiency in their homes.

Fresno resident Lisa Hernandez said she was happy to learn about the services provided. “I’m not working right now, so it’s good for me to come out here and see what programs are available. See what I can learn to save money on my bills and even get help paying them, until I find my next job.”

Weatherization, sometimes called weatherproofing, is one good way to reduce costs. It is the process of protecting your home from elements such as rain, wind, sun, and insect damage.  Fresno EOC Energy Services can help income-eligible residents of Fresno County who live in qualified mobile homes, apartments, houses, or condos.

Weatherization measures include insulating attics, walls, and floors, weather-stripping doors, and caulking windows. We can also test and repair, or replace refrigerators, water heaters, heating and/or cooling systems, and cooking appliances. Plus, we can install low-flow shower heads, upgrade interior and exterior lighting services to LED, and make duct repairs and/or replacements.

Joseph Amader, Fresno EOC Energy Services Director, said the Weatherization Day event was designed for families to learn about the benefits of weatherizing their homes and get people signed up for services, which includes an assessment of their homes.  “We conduct combustion appliance safety tests on natural gas and propane heating systems, water heaters, and stoves to ensure they are operating safely. Caulking and weather-stripping helps keep the cold out and insulation helps keep the heat in.”

Weatherization Day attendees also had the opportunity to sign up for our Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and our Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).

For more information about weatherization services through Fresno EOC Energy Services, call (559) 263-1588 or visit our web page.

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