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Congratulations to Danielle Burciaga, our Employee of the Month for March.

A WIC Nutrition Assistant at our West office, Danielle exemplifies professionalism, flexibility, and exceptional customer service. She is very friendly, polite, and helpful with our participants and team members. Her enthusiasm and helpful nature are always on display when conducting nutrition education. For example, she serves Spanish speaking participants, even though she is not fluent in Spanish.

Danielle shows extreme flexibility by working any position-moving from counseling to eligibility and to covering the front reception. She can always be counted on to go to other sites as needed at a moment’s notice. A hard worker, Danielle keeps up with the pace of the clinic and asks for more work. She is a team player willing to cover sites and stay for longer shifts to make sure she meets the participant’s needs.

Danielle is an exemplary employee, and we appreciate her dedication, professionalism, cheerfulness, and flexibility. She embodies our WIC vision, mission, and core values. Congratulations Danielle!


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