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Congratulations to Karina Gonzalez, our Employee of the Month for May! Karina serves all our sites as a WIC Nutrition Assistant and Certified Lactation Counselor. She is known for her flexibility, positive attitude, and remarkable work ethic.

Karina is extremely flexible. She is able to work at any site and she easily adjusts to the culture and routines of each clinic. In addition, her flexibility is seen in her willingness to work at any site—often times, traveling to a different site at a moment’s notice.

The embodiment of excellent customer service, Karina always displays a positive attitude, respectful nature, and calm attitude. In many instances, Karina has worked with difficult participants and had difficult conversations. She is able to calm the participant in a manner that allows a productive conversation to happen between her and the participant.

An exceptional worker, Karina is extremely skilled at supporting our breastfeeding mothers with not just their questions—Karina provides the hands-on demonstration or help that is needed to help new moms feel confident and comfortable to breastfeed their babies.

Karina Gonzalez is an outstanding individual and a team player, who embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Karina!!!


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