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Irisa Barba, WNA, CLE started with Fresno EOC WIC in 2008 and received her CLE certificate in 2013. Over the years Irisa has consistently come to work on time with a professional and positive attitude, she’s a team player, and a great asset to the program. We appreciate the effort and time she puts into her job and commend her for her positivity, enthusiasm, and commitment to helping clients and staff members.

Irisa goes above and beyond her work performance putting her clients first and does an excellent job with supporting breastfeeding moms. Irisa takes initiative and offers assistance and suggestions in improving our client relations and volunteers for outreach when the opportunity arises. Irisa is a well-rounded employee and embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Irisa!

Some amazing things Irisa has done:

Obtained outside donations (turkey and ham) and took time after work hours along with another staff member to purchase gifts and a Christmas tree for a WIC family who was going through a rough time
Took on the breastfeeding board: Keeping it updated and decorating it every season
Re-vamped the breast pump binder and photos
Always willing to donate when it comes to raffling prizes
Donated pumpkins to clients.
Suggested to seek out pumpkin donations from vendors
Volunteered for the Farmers Market
Volunteered for the Fresno Fair
Always a team player and positive when working at another site.
Consistently the first WNA to take in the first client of the day
Takes initiative, spear headed the site theme project


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