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Working with the Fresno EOC Foster Grandparents Program has been a very good learning experience in my life.  This experience is changing my life day by day in the way to see, to analyze things, situations before coming to the conclusion of any situation that I am facing in my personal life: at home, my relationship with my family, grandchildren, etc.  My experience at the Local Conservation Corps (LCC) helps me to build and improve my communication with people around me, not only with the students, with whom I am dealing with.  I have an opportunity to build a special relationship with anyone who is in need of advice and guidance.  I have become more patient, flexible in my communication and I understand certain situations better. For example, when I deal with my little grandsons at home (2-4 years), I now listen more before jumping to conclusions.  The students at the Local Conservation Corps are very smart and intelligent, but they just need direction, nurturing and assistance because they unfortunately lack guidance, love and support from their family at home.  I am very delighted to be working with the students because I am also learning a lot from them and I feel that I am growing as a person.  I thank Fresno EOC Foster Grandparents Program for giving me this opportunity to give back to the country for what I received.”


-Meso Beta has served the Foster Grandparent Program since March of 2013. Grandpa Meso is originally from the Republic of Congo and has been in the United States since 1980.


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