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Fresno EOC WIC Employee of the Month – September 2017

Maria Romero, WIC Nutrition Assistant, CLC

Maria Romero has been a part of Fresno EOC WIC for over 15 years and works at the East Shaw WIC office as a WIC Nutrition Assistant. She is highly appreciated by her peers for her caring nature and kind heart, and respected for her: commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect, hard work ethic, incredible organizational skills, and ability to be flexible while managing multiple duties.

Always the team player, Maria consistently volunteers to work at the Farmer’s Market and looks for ways to help address our staff members and participants needs, often times adjusting her lunch time to meet the changing needs of the site.

She is innovative and is always looking for opportunities to expand her breastfeeding knowledge. Maria also rotates to the hospital and is a valuable resource, providing breastfeeding expertise to our participants.

A people person with remarkable customer service skills, Maria has a keen eye for resolving complicated client related issues, all while demonstrating a joy toward the daily support she provides others. Maria is an exemplary employee and embodies our WIC vision, mission, and our core values. Congratulations Maria!!!


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