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School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) students were excited to have class outside of Fresno and participate in the 2019 Law Day in Yosemite. The event provided a class of Street Law students with an opportunity to learn from legal professionals, understand current hot topics related to their rights to privacy and explore Yosemite in their off-time.

“My favorite thing about the trip was learning, but outside of the classroom. You are in a new learning environment which allows you to engage in a different way,” Madison Greer Street Law student said. “I hope the class for next year has a wonderful experience outside of school like I did.”

Students heard from key note speaker, Antigone Peyton, leading the Intellectual Property and Technology Law practice at Protorae Law in the Washington, DC area. This field trip gave attendees a new understanding of freedom of speech and free press, along with the addition of modern technology.

“The keynote speaker taught us about the Fourth Amendment and how we have the right to privacy towards our cellphones and basically everything we own,” Angel Lujan, Street Law student said.

Prior to the trip, the class entered an essay contest along with other schools, describing their own understanding of the Fourth Amendment. Students were excited to hear how technology created within their lifetime, reshaped the ideas of free speech and free press in The United States.

“We learned about how drones are used and how there is new laws on the use of drones.” Elijah Squaire, Street Law student said. “I had an amazing time at Yosemite national park. I also learned about unreasonable search and seizure, as well as got to meet new people who share a common interest in street law.”

Although Yosemite remains an international tourist attraction, the trip will long be remembered as a highlight for SOUL students; they were able to learn more about the Constitution as it relates to their Street Law class, but also visit a national park. Students took a hike, learned more about natural granite formations and for some it was their first time seeing a waterfall in person.

“It was really fun being in Yosemite especially seeing all the waterfalls and just being out in nature with friends,” Nicholas Morales, Street Law student said. “It was the best and I will never forget it.”


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