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This year, most students had their world turned upside down. Students at Fresno EOC School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) felt the changes as well. SOUL students wanted some way to celebrate the holidays and keep up with festive traditions. Students have transitioned to minimal in-person sessions and the SOUL Interact Club teamed up with the  Cultural Arts Rotary to decorate wreaths for a local convalescent home.

“The kids were excited to decorate wreaths because even though we weren’t able to do many activities this year, it was a way for them to stay connected and do something with other classmates,” said Mark Wilson, Principal of the School of Unlimited Learning.  

Before the pandemic, students would dress up in their favorite Holiday outfits and sing carols; however, decorating wreaths was a great way to keep the tradition going safely. Students took turns decorating their wreaths at SOUL and with wreaths from the Cultural Arts Rotary Club, there were over 20 wreaths ready to deliver to senior citizens. These seniors have been isolated for most of the year and the hope was to make this Holiday season a bit brighter.   

“Despite the obstacles of the pandemic, it’s wonderful to see that the spirit of caring and giving continues in the hearts of both Interactors and Rotarians,” said Larry Metzler, member of the Fresno Cultural Arts Rotary Club and SOUL Interact Club Advisor. “Our students and staff at SOUL, with the added support of the Cultural Arts Rotary Club continue to make a difference in the downtown community and set an example for the youth of tomorrow in caring for others.”    

SOUL’s Interact Club coordinates two service projects every year with the Cultural Arts Rotary Club. Members of the club help mentor students to develop their leadership skills. The Cultural Arts Rotary Club has also been a great supporter of SOUL scholarships and activities. To learn more about SOUL, click here. 



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