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Students from School of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) proudly received their diplomas on June 5th at Warnor’s Theatre in Downtown Fresno. The ceremony marked a significant milestone for the staff and students at SOUL, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 5th.

Around 44 students took part in the graduation ceremony. Among them, five are graduating as eleventh graders, and five have completed all four years at SOUL. Over the 2023-2024 academic year, a total of 54 students earned their diplomas from SOUL.

Graduate Aaliyah Galvan, gave a speech saying, “I want to leave the class of 2024 with one thing: In this world full of cruelty, be the kindness that keeps us human.”

These graduates began their high school journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. SOUL Principal and Chief Academic Officer Susan Lopez praised the students, stating, “These students have overcome barriers and hurdles to make it to graduation. The pandemic impacted them in many ways, but they learned to become resilient and have worked hard to receive their high school diplomas. We congratulate them on this major accomplishment.”

The event was a celebration of hard work, resilience, and the bright futures ahead for these students.


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