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Advance Peace Fresno and Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) have worked hard this past year to keep you, the public, safe from the threat of gun violence. Now, we are calling on you to help us at this critical time.

On Monday, June 20 beginning at 9 a.m. the Fresno City Council will hold a final budget hearing where City leaders will determine how your taxpayer dollars are used for public safety.

We know our program is effective and has proven successful in preventing cyclical and retaliatory violence. A UC Berkley study has reported on the effectiveness of Advance Peace Fresno. Read the report here. Our Neighborhood Change Agents have spent hundreds of hours in the community building relationships and making vital connections necessary to bring healing to our neighborhoods.

We recently were informed the City will no longer provide promised funding of $950,000 to Advance Peace Fresno, with the City citing allegations made against one of our program employees. These allegations will not detract from our important mission to reduce gun violence and saving lives in the city of Fresno.

Please stand with us in solidarity on Monday, June 20, at 9 a.m. at Fresno City Hall. More than 30 local faith leaders have voiced their support and sent a joint letter to Mayor Jerry Dyer and the City Council, which you can read in the section below. We hope you will join us as we make our voices heard and work to fulfill our mission to reduce gun violence.

Showing up at the meeting is the best way to show support. You can also email your public comments (see section below) Also, please sign the online petition written by community supporters which appeals to the city of Fresno to continue its support and fund the Advance Peace strategy.

Fresno EOC is a Community Action Agency (CAA) and was born from the Civil Rights Movement.


Stand with us at the Fresno City Council Meeting Monday, June 20

In Person

You can help support Advance Peace! Let your voice be heard at the next Fresno City Council Meeting, Monday June 20 at 9 a.m. Together, we can ensure Advance Peace Fresno has the resources to make Fresno a safer city for everyone.

Members of the public will be allowed to address the Council regarding the budget and will be allowed three (3) minutes.


eComment at

  • eComments will be open during the Council meeting and closed at the end of the meeting and will be part of the official record.

eComments will be a maximum of 450 words.


Email the city clerk at :
• Residents may email comments to be read during the meeting. Please include the agenda date and item number you wish to speak on in the subject line of your email.
• Emails will be a maximum of 450 words.
• No documents shall be accepted for Council review unless submitted to the City Clerk at least 24 hours prior to the Council Agenda item be heard.

Sign the Online Petition of Support

“Advance Peace Fresno is essential to our community-driven ecosystem to reduce gun violence and make our most impacted neighborhoods safer and healthier, ultimately putting the entire city of Fresno on a path toward healing.” Read more and sign the petition written by community supporters, which asks the city of Fresno to continue its support and funding of the Advance Peace strategy.

Support Advance Peace Fresno

Click here to sign the petition!

Read the Letter of Support from Local Clergy

In a letter to Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer and the City Council, 33 Fresno Faith leaders expressed outrage that the City budget did not include funding for Advance Peace Fresno. “The safety and lives of the people in our City are too valuable to risk on political games. Please support Advance Peace as originally intended by our community and our elected leaders.”

Clergy Letter of Support

Read the letter of support from Clergy

Advance Peace Fresno Research by UC Berkeley

The goal of Advance Peace Fresno is to reduce gun violence, specifically in the African American community, by building relationships and transforming lives through healing efforts. UC Berkeley Center for Global Healthy Cities gathered data on gun homicides in Fresno. The data shows a reduction in African American gun homicide victims from 2020 to 2021, and southwest Fresno had a decrease as well. You can read the entire report here.


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