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Our Stories

Paper Mâché Time! Fresno EOC Sanctuary and Youth Services is in need of your help creating paper mâché figures inspired by Rotary Storyland/ Playland. Paper Mâché is easy and fun! Join us at the Sanctuary Drop-In Center! Limited to 10 volunteers per session, call or email to register: Chrystal Streets 498-8543 ext. 110; Storyland/Playland is truly is one of Fresno’s most treasured parks that still holds so much promise for the future. Volunteer to help
Homeless Services, Sanctuary Youth Shelter
The School of Unlimited Learning(SOUL) in Downtown Fresno has completed a groundbreaking training session unique to most students in the San Joaquin Valley. Beginning on October 28th, 2014, 20 charter high school students came down the street to the technology hub, Bitwise Industries, three days a week to learn web development in HTML & CSS from a professional web developer during the Geekwise Boot Camp. Among the 28 technology companies in the building, they had
School of Unlimited Learning

December 16, 2014

Breastfeeding Support

In today’s society, there are unfortunately several factors that inhibit or discourage a mother from successfully breastfeeding her child such as difficulty of learning how to breastfeed, lack of time, using formula milk and the physical pain however the leading contributor to the extremely low exclusivity of breastfeeding rates is the lack of support mothers receive from their families and community. In effort to curtail this occurrence, Fresno EOC WIC offers various modes of assistance

December 11, 2014

The Real Thing

Natural, Healthy, Essential. Breast milk is the real thing and there is no real substitute for it. Breast milk has several benefits for both babies and moms. Breast milk contains nutrients that change over time to align with your baby’s changing nutritional needs. Research indicates that breast milk reduces the likelihood of infections and health problems such as diabetes, obesity and asthma. Ingredients in breast milk are in perfect balance for your rapidly developing baby.
Free Prenatal Classes Healthy Start Prenatal Education 2015 Comenzando Bien 9 FREE Sessions to learn more about: 1/8 You and Your Pregnancy 1/15 Prenatal Care 1/22 Eating Healthy During Pregnancy 1/29 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy 2/5 The Big Day: Labor and Birth 2/12 Caring for Your Baby 2/19 Breastfeeding 2/26 Postpartum Care 3/5 Bonding and Attachment Classes are held from 3:00 pm – 4:40 pm at: Early Head Start 1920 Mariposa Mall, Suite 130
Head Start 0 to 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     December 9, 2014 Contact: Sareen Bedoyan-Creede Phone: (559) 263-1112 Email:     PRESS RELEASE  Grinch Arrives Too Early, Robs Homeless Shelter Outreach Materials Robbers steal over $1,000 of materials meant for Annual Homeless Youth Event (Fresno, CA) On December 6, 2014, the Sanctuary Homeless Youth Shelter was robbed of over $1,000 worth of outreach materials (warm clothing, hygiene products, sleeping bags, socks, etc) used for their Annual Warming The Homeless Project which takes place
Homeless Services, Sanctuary Youth Shelter
40 years ago today, Fresno EOC WIC opened its doors and embraced the opportunity to help empower and strengthen our community by providing crucial assistance to families in need. As we open our doors decades later, we celebrate our milestones and successes by continuing to provide adequate and specialized services to low – income families in Fresno. Today presents a great opportunity to recognize all of our employees who have dedicated time and efforts to
Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps YouthBuild Charter School of California Make-A-Difference Day – National Day of Service Lodgepole Campground Picnic Table Renovation Project October 8-11, 2014 By Montel Holmes, LCC Corpsmember/YCSC student   On October 8-11, 2014, 10 Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps (LCC) corpsmembers and YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) students and three staff members were dispatched for volunteer work to restore the Lodgepole Campground picnic tables that were damaged during the winter.
Local Conservation Corps
Sanctuary Homeless Youth Shelter Undergoes Renovation Shelter will temporarily resume business at Fresno Rescue Mission (Fresno, CA) After 20 years, Fresno EOC Sanctuary Homeless Youth Shelter, a designated Safe Place for youth, will be renovating the facility and will be re-located during construction. Emergency Shelter and intervention services for homeless and runaway youth will continue operating as a California State licensed group home at the Fresno Rescue Mission. From October 20th-December 10th, 2014, the Sanctuary
Homeless Services, Sanctuary Youth Shelter
There is so much information for moms to learn during pregnancy and after child birth. Many moms always ask us how to determine whether or not their baby is getting enough of their breast milk. We have good news. Newborns have tiny tummies and only need small amounts of breastmilk during the first days of life. Here are a few facts new moms can utilize to make sure their newborn is getting enough breast milk:

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