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After seven years of working to promote safe and healthy communities under Fresno EOC leadership, the Fresno Street Saints program is going through a big transition. The grassroots program has grown into a stronger community resource that will be a standalone nonprofit, starting July 1.
Nicole Hutchings, the program’s Administrative and Development Coordinator says, “Fresno Street Saints began the partnership with Fresno EOC to develop its team. Over the past seven years, we have grown to a place where we are able to stand on our own. We will have continued trainings, to build everyone up to be the best they can be in their roles. We are grateful, very grateful for the partnership.”
Michelle Tutunjian, Chief Operating Officer at Fresno EOC says, “We have enjoyed having Fresno Street Saints as part of the Fresno EOC family of programs for the past seven years. We support their transition and will continue to work together to accelerate change and provide opportunities to the community while fighting to end poverty.”
Fresno EOC Street Saints has nine employees and they serve approximately 500 low-income participants throughout Fresno. They will continue to provide youth programs, gang prevention, leadership training, community development, employment and training, and resource referrals. The program name will revert back to its original name of Fresno Street Saints. If you would like to learn more about their services, you can contact Nicole at
About Fresno EOC Street Saints
Established in 2001, Fresno Street Saints focuses to restore Fresno to a safe and healthy community. This is accomplished by making new connections between programs and people, while restoring the families and neighborhoods to health and safety. Fresno EOC Street Saints is changing the way business is conducted in the community – holding itself and others to a higher level of accountability and impact.


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