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For some kids, the only healthy meal they may consume is a meal offered at school during the academic year. Fresno EOC Food Services is getting ready to provide no-cost meals to youth in the community through its Summer Food Services Program. Fresno EOC and Fresno Unified are partnering to spread the word again to ensure more kids and teens maintain good nutrition, even when school is out.

According to California Food Policy Advocates’ 2016 Fresno County Nutrition and Food Insecurity Profile, 84,166 kids residing in Fresno County fall into a nutrition gap while out of school. These children missed out on access to nutritious meals that combat hunger and food insecurity, support year-round learning, and help prevent obesity.

Fresno EOC has partnered with community organizations where children ages 1-18 gather together anytime during the winter break to provide no-cost nutritious breakfast, lunch, and/or supper meals. No registration or documentation is needed from families of the children. The meals, prepared and delivered by Fresno EOC Food Services, meet strict United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and California Department of Education (CDE) nutrition guidelines and are comprised of two ounces of protein, two servings of fruits/vegetables, one serving of bread, and eight ounces of milk. Meals must be eaten in a group setting and stay on location.

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