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Earlier this year, Fresno EOC Food Services took on an enormous task. They sought the community’s assistance to create the Food Express, a bus that will deliver meals to impoverished children in Fresno County.

One in three children in Fresno County suffer from food insecurity, or not knowing where their next meal will come from, and thanks to a massively successful crowdsourcing effort, something is being done about it.

The Food Express won’t look like a normal school bus on the inside, but will be equipped with a wrap-around table and seating and will be designed as a colorful escape for impoverished youth to eat and read.

Jon Escobar, Interim Director of Food Services at Fresno EOC, is thrilled that The Food Express is finally coming to fruition.

“I cannot wait. It’s been a long process. The community really got behind it and we’re really looking forward to showing [them] what they’ve accomplished.”

The bus is being transformed from a regular yellow school bus, into The Food Express. Currently, the bus is being cleaned, flooring is being installed, and a ‘back porch’ is being attached to the rear end of the vehicle to allow for easier access.

We are just about five months into the process. Countertops and benches will be coming soon, making The Food Express ready in time for kids to enjoy during this season’s winter break.

This Food Express bus is just the beginning though. Plans to create a second bus to serve rural areas of Fresno County are in action, not to mention a very special way that local kids can contribute what The Food Express looks like on the outside. Watch this space for more info!


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