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Fresno EOC is excited to present the Rural Food Express Bus; a mobile healthy-meal delivery bus which takes the road to battle food insecurity in our most vulnerable communities in rural Fresno County.

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Both the Food Express Bus and the new Rural Food Express Bus are designated Safe Place locations. See more below.

In 2019, with the help of many partners, Fresno EOC launched the Food Express Bus to delivery USDA-funded meals to children in areas lacking access to food. Since our launch, we have successfully delivered over 200,000 meals to kids and teens. Now, with grant support from No Kid Hungry we are launching our 2nd food express bus which will expand this successful program to serve rural communities.

For the 1 in 4 kids in Fresno County that face food insecurity, summer is often the hungriest time of year. This latest addition, which will begin meal service July 2nd, will help ensure kids in some of our hardest to reach communities have access to critical nutrition in the summertime.

Again this year we hosted a Healthy Food Super Hero art contest and the community helped us pick the winners. Now we are excited to see the Rural Food Express Bus with Healthy Food Super Heroes featured on the outside travel in our rural communities to bring healthy meals to kids.

Rural Food Express Bus Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Sebastian, age 6, Del Rey Boys & Girls Club
  • Rasul, age 8, Sunset Community Center
  • Valeria, age 10, Monroe Elementary School
  • Noah, age 11, Selma
  • Donovan, age 13, Clark Intermediate School
  • Anna, age 18, Fresno

The Rural Food Express makes stops Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at these 5 locations, July 2 – August 31:

Click Here to Download Rural Food Express Bus Schedule


The Food Express makes stops Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at these 5 locations through August 31:

Click Here to Download Food Express Bus Schedule


View all Fresno EOC food distribution sites for the dates and times meals will be served.

For some kids, the only healthy meal they may consume is a meal offered at school during the academic year. Fresno EOC Food Services is providing no-cost meals to youth in the community through its Summer Food Services Program. Fresno EOC and Fresno Unified are partnering to spread the word again to ensure more kids and teens maintain good nutrition, even when school is out.

National Safe Place Network

Safe Place assists young people across the nation in need of access to immediate help and safety through local businesses, partners, and community organizations who choose to serve as Safe Place sites. These sites are recognizable through the yellow and black Safe Place signs visible on their buildings.

  • The TXT 4 HELP program, operated by National Safe Place Network, is a 24-hour text-for-support service for youth in crisis to find local Safe Place information and have the option to text interactively with a licensed mental health professional.
  • Those looking to get involved with Safe Place can sign up to become Safe Place Ambassadors. Safe Place Ambassadors get access to communications and materials to assist in helping spread awareness about Safe Place and TXT 4 HELP, as well as fundraising.
  • More information on Safe Place, TXT 4 HELP, and the Safe Place Ambassador program can be found at

Local Safe Place locations offer direct access to our 24/7 youth shelter for young people in crisis. In partnership with National Safe Place, Fresno EOC currently administers 309 Safe Place sites including both Food Express Buses.

  • Fresno EOC has operated the Safe Place project locally since 1997, in partnership with National Safe Place Network.
  • Fresno EOC’s Safe Place project includes 25 partners, 162 physical site locations and over 100 mobile sites including the Fresno Area Express, City of Clovis Transit, and the Food Express Buses.
  • All sites display black and yellow Safe Place signs and is a youth outreach program that provides immediate help and safety to youth facing abuse, neglect, bullying, serious family struggles, homelessness and more.
  • Runaway and homeless youth are referred (and sometimes transported) to the Sanctuary Youth Shelter for further assessment and assistance.
  • More information on Fresno EOC’s Safe Place Program can be found here.



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